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A Guide to Family Fun Attractions in Salinas

Salinas never runs out of explosive surprises and fun activities to try for the whole family. Here are some of the family fun attractions to watch out for in Salinas.


This is not your typical family fun attraction found in Salinas. It’s like a fusion of nature preserve and theme park rolled into one. Imagine a haven of plants, trees, and gardens with rides and lovely attractions in it. This theme park boasts its over 40 unique rides good for kids and kids at heart. Attractions and breathtaking gardens will surely captivate your heart and will make every minute of your stay all worth it. Buy your tickets online and save off the front gate pass. Isn’t that amazing? Visit for reservations and more information.

With over 2000 stalls, San Jose Flea Market in Salinas offers a wide variety of items to choose from. Vintage stuff, fruits, vegetables and different merchandise can be bought in this maze of shops. In here, you will find fresh produce, cheap shirts, souvenirs, toys, you name it, they have it here. Not only that, San Jose Flea Market has rides and attractions for kids to enjoy while you do your shopping. Snack corners are also available just in case you found yourself hungry in the middle of your shopping. Parking here is free as long as you come early. Visit San Jose Flea Market at 1590 Berryessa Rd. Berryessa San Jose, CA.

One family fun attraction that is topping the list in Salinas is Cirque De Soleil Luzia. If you want to be wowed by amazing acrobats and air shows. This definitely is a must watch. Breathtaking juggling acts, circus, trapeze acts will put you on the edges of your seats. Everything is just so spectacular. Everything is just so magical. Witness brilliant performances accompanied by great music that will leave you with chills and breathless. Catch Cirque de Soleil Luzia at Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy 20% discount on tickets when you buy the “family pack” package.

Another 5-star attraction to watch out for when in Salinas is the Pirates Dinner Adventure. Having been selected as one of the best dinner themed restaurants, this promises you with a spellbound show of effects, artistry, and duels while enjoying a sumptuous four-course meal. The show is filled with action adventure that will capture the attention of the spectators. The food is great and so is the show. Be sure to come early for a better view of the show. Catch Pirates Dinner Adventure at 7600 Beach Blvd, Beach Park CA. 
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