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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s love month again. It’s the time of the year when lovebirds go out on a date and enjoy each other’s company. For dateless people, they normally spend the V-day with their friends and family members – either they eat out or travel. There’s actually nothing wrong with spending this special day with the family. This day is not only for lovers anyway.  Here are some tips for the families this valentine’s day.
1. Decide whether you want to go on an adventure away from the city or stay at the nearest hotel and have a staycation instead. Going for an adventure may be costly since you have to spend for your food, gas, etc. Staycation at a hotel, on the other hand, may not be that costly, you can use the hotel’s amenities like swimming pool, gym etc. they even serve complimentary breakfast or lunch.

2. Go out and see a movie. When was the last time you saw a movie with your family? Consider watching the latest flick at the nearest cinema. It doesn’t have to be a love story-themed movie, all that matters is you get to spend the day with your loved ones.

3.  Eat out. Try the newly-opened restaurant near your place or maybe you can go to your favorite restaurant. That can be a family’s favorite or the restaurant where you first ate as a couple. Ask some recommendations from your friends. Don’t forget to bring lots of patience as most restaurants are full during this time of the month.

4. Visit a zoo or a museum. Not all families are fond of eating at a fancy restaurant. If that’s the case, you can at least try visiting the zoo nearest your place or relive the stories of the past by visiting a national museum. This may not be a conventional way of spending Valentine’s day, but it sure would be a hit to the whole family.

5. Head on to the grocery and cook food at home. Restaurants are usually jam-packed during V-day. Most families prefer to eat out for lunch or for dinner. If you dislike the idea of waiting for your turn at a restaurant, might as well just do the grocery and cook sumptuous meals at home. The hassle of cooking is nothing compared to the enjoyment and bonding you will share with your family. 

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