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Strawberry Picking near Monterey - Fun for the whole family!

We almost always see them freshly-packed in a box or styrofoam in our favorite supermarkets or fruits stand. But have you ever tried picking your own strawberries? Surely, the feeling is different since you get to experience it firsthand. Check out some farms that offer strawberry picking near Monterey, Ca.
High Ground Organics 

High Ground Organics does not only grow strawberries, it also grows high quality produce like lettuce, broccoli, apples, and pear to name a few. Through the years, High Ground Organics has been selling their produce to supermarkets and restaurants in the area. Visit High Ground Organics at 521 Harkins Slough Rd., Watsonville CA. Or you may contact them through their number at (831) 254 4918.
Cloverfield Organic Farm 

Located in the picturesque east bay hills in San Francisco, this farm only uses French intensive gardening practices. They pride themselves in growing unusual variety of fruits and vegetables. Visit Cloverfield Organic Farm at 501 La Paloma Rd., El Sobrante, CA. Call their number at (510) 381 1132
California Giant Inc. 

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, you name it, they have it. California Giant Berry Farms boasts its being marketplace that offers different kinds of berries. So the next time you visit Monterey and you are craving for berries. Be sure to drop by at California Giant Berries Farm and have a taste of their delicious strawberries, so delicious you will forget your name. Visit them at PO Box 1359, Watsonville CA.
LJB Farms 
LJB farms is proud of their naturally-ripened fruits and vegetables. It only means that nothing in their produce is force-ripened or frozen. Unlike other farms that force their produce to ripen using unusual ripening process and techniques. LJB Farms does it the natural way. Visit them at 585 Fitzgerald Ave. San Martin. Call them at (408) 842 9755 for more info on strawberry picking service they offer.
Besides strawberry picking in Monterey, tourists and locals alike can enjoy many fun family activities in Monterey Bay. It has a bunch of beautiful places waiting for it to be discovered. You can visit the aquarium in Monterey Bay and see numerous sea creatures enjoy their natural habitat. If aquariums are jot your thing, you can visit any public park in the area like Dennis the Menace Playground, Pinnacles National Park and many more. You can also try whale watching or try visiting the zoo. Your kids will surely love these fun family activities. 

For your next family vacation, check out Munras Inn. Just a mile away from family attractions in Monterey. Book via our website here or call us at (831) 646-9696.

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