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Ideas to Organize a Family-Friendly Christmas Event

Family get-togethers up to two generations have become an integral part of every Christmas holiday event. This tradition is normally passed down from generation to generation. That is if the parents practice it, it is likely that the kids when they grow up, will do the same Christmas celebration. And the tradition goes on and on. Christmas is the only time of the year when everyone is on a break from work or school, so most families take this opportunity to form informal bonding thru family get-togethers. It is usually celebrated on Christmas day or Christmas Eve with entertainment and food as family members share stories and laughter together. Let us make your family Christmas event more engaging and enjoyable. We have listed down ideas to organize a family-friendly Christmas event.
Christmas Karaoke
Add a little spice to your family get-together by having a karaoke party. Sing your hearts out with the classic Christmas songs of the 80’s down to the Christmas carols of today’s generation. You can either have a solo, duet or group performances. To make the party more exciting, provide prizes for the singers who get the highest score or who is well-applauded. Or you can put a twist to the usual karaoke by singing a few lines from a song and let the audience members guess its title or the singer.
Have a Movie Marathon
This is something unusual; something new to the whole family. Not the typical Christmas family celebration over dinner and wine. Gather all the family members in a relatively large room and play your all-time favorite movie from your movie list. Adults will love the romantic comedy film Love Actually which is about the love stories of almost a dozen couples. On the other hand, kids will surely love The Nightmare before Christmas or the hilarious Christmas story of Kevin in Home Alone. And of course, don’t forget the popcorn!
Play a Classic game but put a twist on it
Level up your Christmas party gaming by organizing games that are a little different from the usual. Make your games adults and kids-friendly and wholesome. Play the classic party games but give them a little twist. Play Trip to Jerusalem, but this time with two players sitting on the chair when the music stops. Host a trivia game where in you ask the players with any questions related to Christmas. The team who incorrectly answered the question gets a dare while the winning team gets a prize.
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