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How to Host an Easy Holiday Party

Hosting a dinner Christmas party is never easy. It takes a lot of preparations. From the theme to the food, down to the gifts to give to the attendees. What makes it more stressful is the consideration that you give to the attendees as far as their schedule is concerned. Making them all available may not always be possible. Here is a quick guide to hosting a hassle-free and stress-free Christmas party.

1. Determine the time, date and venue of the event in advance. Think of the best time and day for all the attendees, such that everyone is free and can attend the special occasion. Inform everyone in advance via text that you have a party. Tell them that formal invitations will follow. That way, they can at least make that day free for the event.

2. Prepare in advance. Think of a main course /appetizer that can be prepared the day before the event. Food that doesn’t easily spoil. That would save you time and energy on the exact day of the event.

3. Be sure to attend to your guests and their needs. Sometimes, just because we are very busy preparing for the event, we tend to forget that we have guests to attend to.

4. Set up a salad bar and station for drinks. Serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so that guests can have many choices. A salad bar is also a good addition. Serve a variety of salads for the guests. Not everyone would love one type,  at least serve two or more choices.

5. Guests always want their food to be served warm.  Purchase a good quality oven-to-table serving ware. This will keep the food warm and still palatable.

6. Prepare a short program for the guests. You can either ask them to have a group or solo presentation. Involve your guests by asking them to participate in a song or dance number. Their involvement will surely delight the viewers.

7. Prepare games for all, those that are fun but wholesome. Not everyone from the audience will be pleased to join a sexy or naughty game. Enticed them with a gift for the winner. 

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