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Family Friendly Travel Hacks for Spring Vacations

Summer is here and I’m sure everyone is excited to pack their things for their much-awaited summer vacation. Make your travel hassle-free with these family friendly travel hacks, after all, vacations should be relaxing and fun. 
1. Book your flights and hotel accommodations early for a hassle-free vacation. This travel hack for the family must always be on top of your list. Since most people go out for a summer vacation, expect flights and hotels to be fully booked. Always be on the look-out for seat sales on planes and hotel promos like discounts on hotel accommodations.

2. Bring only the toiletries that you need for your travel. Instead of bringing shampoos and conditioners in bottles or lotions in tubs, bring the ones in sachets instead. This way, you ate assured that you will only consume what you need during the days of your stay. 

3. Travel hack for family number three is somehow related to the previous hack. If you are going to stay in a hotel, chances are, the hotel room has free toiletries. Take advantage of these free toiletries. This way, you will not be obliged to bring your own toiletries. 

4. Always bring your ID’s with you to get entrance discounts on museums and parks. More often than not, these places provide special fee for students, seniors, and veterans.  

5. The fifth travel hack for the family is all about making your devices fully charged when travelling. So don’t forget to bring with you your travel charger and or fully charged powerbanks.

6. Download apps like Groupon or Living Social for discounts and deals on attractions and restaurants. 

7. Ask friends who have been in the place where you will go for tips and recommendations. They can give you valuable information about the places, tourist spots and restaurants they have been.

8. Always pack light. Skip the things that you will not need ok your trip. Only bring enough clothes for the rest of your stay. Avoid bringing bulky camera extensions like tripod and other bulky things.  

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