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Explore the Beauty and Wonder of Nature at Monterey’s Best Parks

What makes Monterey one of the best places to live in or visit is the overflow of open spaces that gives its residents and visitors a breathtaking view of what nature really has to offer. Whether you're in the mood to have a family picnic or camp in the woods, get up early for a morning run or hike along the coastal recreational trail, or simply want to kick back, relax and chill, here are some of the wonderful parks at Monterey that you can visit and enjoy!

Monterey State Historic Park

This park is a collection of different historic houses and buildings where you can go back in time and get a glimpse of the site where Spanish explorers first landed in Monterey in 1602. You can also view one of the nation’s last remaining whalebone sidewalks. As you explore down the two-mile path, you can dive into the history and wonderful past of the historic houses and buildings and walk the same streets that famed author Robert Louis Stevenson walked in 1879. For more information click this link.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

If you have a love for the aquatic side of nature, one of the best places to visit and view marine life is at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Also called the "Serengeti of the Sea", this sanctuary is home to several beaches, tide pools, kelp forests, steep canyons and an offshore seamount that is filled with marine life. Aside from admiring the amazing ocean life at the sanctuary, you can also try kayaking, fishing, tide pooling, diving and whale watching. For more information visit this link.

Fremont Peak State Park

As you ascend the higher peaks of the Gavilan Range with the hiking trails in the grassland, you are given a spectacular view of Monterey Bay. Pine and oak woodlands that are home to several birds and mammals are present which further intensifies the natural beauty of this park. Camping and picnic facilities are also available if you want to spend the afternoon or the night at the park. But the Fremont Peak State Park is also very popular for its astronomical observatory with a 30-inch telescope, which is open for public programs on selected evenings. For more information visit this link.

Pinnacles National Park

The national park is a famous place for nature-lovers where one can do several outdoor activities ranging from hiking to birdwatching to stargazing to rock climbing. The national park is also a perfect natural classroom for anyone who wants to learn more about geology, botany and biology. In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt made the first 2,500 acres of the rugged Pinnacles, a national monument. By 2013, the monument has significantly increased in size which prompted President Barack Obama to make the expansive terrain a national park. For more information visit this link.

El Estero Park Complex

The park is a 45-acre City-wide multi-use recreation area in the center of Monterey. Inside the El Estero Park Complex is the popular Dennis the Menace Playground which first opened on Nov. 17, 1956, and was the result of creative efforts donated to the City by Mr. Hank Ketchum, creator of the Dennis the Menace comic strip. Also in the El Estero Park Complex is the Monterey Youth Center, the Frank E. Sollecito, Jr. Ballpark, the Monterey Dance Studio, the El Estero Boating Concession, the El Estero Snack Bar, the Monterey Dog Park, the Monterey Skate Park, the El Estero Exercise Course and El Estero Fishing Piers. For more information visit this link.

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

Probably one of the best places to go to enjoy the true beauty of Monterey Bay is the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. There are several activities that can one can do here like enjoy a picnic with the family at one of the trail’s grassy areas, and watch sea lions and sea otters in their natural environment. You can also rent bikes, surreys, in-line skates and kayaks from several local businesses along the trail. For more information visit this link.

These are just some of the many parks that Monterey has to offer! If you really want to experience the true wonders of this coastal destination, a personal visit will definitely give you a chance to explore and enjoy this scenic and historic side of California!

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