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Discover Places in Monterey County to Rediscover Yourself

New Year is always regarded by most people as the perfect time not only to celebrate but also to reflect. Reflect the bad decisions made in the past and how to make adjustments in the coming year. Reflect the goals set for the past year and how they could be better achieved next year. Reflect about the mistakes made in the previous year and learn how to not commit the same mistakes again in the future. New Year is also the ideal time to relax, recharge and meditate to be assured of a more exciting, stress-free and productive year ahead. Come, reinvent and rediscover yourself in Monterey County this New Year.
If you want to experience a piece of heaven here on Earth, Esalen Institute is the place to be. It is the ideal venue for people who want to recharge themselves especially those who are physically, spiritually and emotionally drained. It’s a place for people who want to have a spiritual and personal growth, not to mention those who want to reflect about so many things in life. Esalen Institute also offers workshops, hot baths in their pools and relaxing massages. For reservations, you can call Esalen Institute at (831) 667-3000 or you can visit them at 55000 Hwy One, Big Sur, CA.
Yoga enthusiasts will surely love the serenity and thrill Carmel Valley Ranch has to offer. It’s a perfect place to visit to get away from the stressful city life. Carmel Valley Ranch’s isolated location makes it a lovable venue for people seeking relaxation and meditation. It has a golf course, hiking trails, garden and many other attractions that will bring out the nature-lover in you. Whether you are looking for a place for just a quick weekend getaway or a longer stay with your whole family, you can never go wrong with Carmel Valley Ranch. Carmel Valley Ranch is located at One Ranch Rd, Carmel, CA. For reservations and inquiries, you can call them at (831) 626-2586.
Monterey gives everyone a limitless option of places to visit, perfect for people who want to relax, meditate or reinvent themselves. Other options include Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail where one cannot only relax, but also hike, bike or skate while enjoying the picturesque view of Monterey.  A good morning walk at the beautiful beach of Carmel will help you relax your senses and remove all your stresses. It’s ideal for people who want to recharge themselves while enjoying the breathtaking sunset of the Carmel Beach.

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