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A Complete Guide for Families Traveling with Disabled Travelers

Traveling can be really relaxing and tiring at the same time. Relaxing because it is a great escape from the busy schedule at work or school, it allows everyone to be one with nature and discover the beauty of the world. However, traveling can also be tiring at some point. From the pre travel preparations like hotel bookings, listing itineraries and fixing schedules, everything must be perfect. Some even consider the kind of hotel accommodation they will get, especially if they are traveling with people with special needs. Good thing more and more hotels today offer PWD friendly amenities, discounted services and price friendly accommodation.  It only goes to show that disability is not an impediment when traveling and that enjoyment is for everyone. Disabled travel or Accessible travel is now slowly gaining popularity. And for families traveling with members with disabilities what are the things that they should consider when looking for a hotel accommodation? Here’s a quick rundown before the trip and before even booking for a hotel accommodation.
  • Check for hotels that cater to people with special needs. Mention your needs during your stay so they can make necessary adjustments for you.
  • Be specific with the details of the person with disability, different people may have different needs.
  • Ask for discounts, usually, PWDs are given special discounts in certain establishments and that includes hotels.
  • Check if the hotel has a 24-hour nurse o physician on duty should there be an emergency during your stay.Old age and disability should not be a barrier when traveling.
Munras Inn does not only provide five-star experience to the guests, it also offers the best and quality hotel accommodation at an affordable price. Not only that, Munras Inn is "barrier free" or PWD friendly, so families bringing with them kids and PWDs get to enjoy their stay without any worries.

Clean and spacious non-smoking rooms are available with comfortable queen size beds and appliances to make your stay a good and memorable one. Some even have a fireplace which makes the room look gorgeous. Complimentary high-speed WiFi is also available for the guests. So the next time you think of traveling, don't forget to include on your list of hotels Munras Inn. 

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