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California Central Coast: What to See in Fall?

There’s a lot to see and experience in California Central Coast this fall. It’s not a clandestine anymore that this place has endless surprises in store for the locals, tourists and its visitors. 
California Central Coast is every nature lover’s haven and hideout. It offers breathtaking sights and scenic views that are sure to captivate your heart and your soul. The Pinnacle National Park in California Central Coast has a special place in the heart of every cave lovers and enthusiasts. Fall is the best time to check the caves and explore their beauty. Prepare yourself to see bats and other winged animals as you enter these caves. 
Spot monarchs or monarch butterfly in California Central Coast as they make their annual migration every November to February of every year. Be ready to see these beautiful creatures as they flock to the trees of Central Coast. Don’t you dare miss this yearly phenomenon.
Fall is the best time to go strolling and biking. Enjoy the scenic view of the coast, the breathtaking exposed reefs, the rocks and the gorgeous beauty of California. Coastal National Monument is definitely one for the books. 
See some of the most beautiful oak trees this fall in the Monterey County and check out the world’s record holder in the largest octopus and smallest squid in Monterey Bay Aquarium. 
Aside from nature-viewing, California Central Coast also hosts a number of festivals. Festa Italia or Santa Rosalia Fisherman’s Festival celebrates the life, the works of every Monterey’s local fishermen. There are different activities to enjoy. And of course, music, deinks, food and dancing are some of the highlight of this event. 
Enrich your minds with interesting history facts about the Pacific Grove. Join in a friendly, fun and knowledge-packed historic home tour and learn about the rich background of each house. Art lovers can also visit the Monterey Museum of Art. There is an awesome showcase of California Central Coast’s artists and their works. 

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